General questions

General Iskan and Personal Iskan. General Iskan is a technical document for building. This document is given by the local authority and proves that the real estate has received all necessary approvals that the building is used for residential purposes and is allowed to live there permanently. Private Iskan for apartments that is obtained by the owner together with Tapu and is also required for new registrations of electricity and water.

We provide all the services that you need while purchasing your property in Turkey. We handle all the documentation and offer you services before and after buying your property.

Miray Invest Construction & Real Estate offers inspection trips for its customers. You can view the property from our portfolio and choose a suitable one for you.

The import of vehicles and furniture is possible. However, the costs of transport, customs and security obligations are very high; therefore it is recommendable to buy the furniture or car in Turkey.

This is possible of course. If you do not live permanently in your property, then the renting during your absence is even a good source of income. You will also have to pay tax on rent, should you decide to rent your property in Turkey.

Other questions

TAPU is Turkish name of title deed, which is a legal document showing that you own all rights to the property. All the properties must have a title deed from the Land and Registry office.

It takes an app. 2-3 days for you to get your title deed, starting from the day you purchase a property in Turkey.

Yes, after buying your property in Turkey, you can insure it. Miray Invest’s company will help you find a suitable insurance company.

There are a couple of municipal taxes to be paid twice a year, but very minimal compared to major European cities.

Yes, foreigners can loan money from Turkish banks. Miray Invest Construction & Real Estate will cooperate with several targeted construction companies and collaborate with one of the best banks on the market, Garanti, Ziraat & Deniz Bank, which offer fixed interest loan rates up to 10 years.